New Year Project

So, with so many New Year’s resolutions and craziness going on what I wanted to do was something that feeds my soul. Not all work has to be “work”. Much of it in the world of photography is being able to be organic and forever learning new techniques that you can use with the old and grow to be able to basically show the world pieces of yourself or at least how you see it. Why not capture something you love while working on sharpening those techniques? One of the things I absolutely love is DANCE. It’s technical, it’s beautiful, and powerful. It’s been used in cultures to tell stories and pass down history from one generation to another. When you see it it’s so graceful on display but when you know what goes into it it is absolute dedication and is a part of that person.

I adore this beauty so I decided it should be a year long project for me for 2017. The first dancer of 2017 that I had the pleasure of working with is Tamara. She’s been a long time friend and is a wonderful instructor for dance. We ran around the amazing Art’s District of Lubbock, Texas starting at the “The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts” also known as the “LHUCA”. It is the heart of the Art’s District and has a gorgeous gallery inside and I’ve always loved seeing the unique creations on display there. Behind the gallery is a wonderful little gathering area with lights over it that many people have walked through especially during the First Friday Art Trail that happens the first Friday of every month here. This is a little peek of what we did.

After a few shots here we kind of walked around and saw another dancer practicing with her hoop. I wish I had a shot of that because it was really cool seeing her use rhythmic gymnastics techniques. We also passed by a local artist working on some beautiful pottery too. As we walked around a little more we towards the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra and as we approached it a gorgeous Texas winter sunset was on the horizon so we kind of evaluated the area and picked a spot because it was too beautiful not to capture that! I haven’t captured too many subjects with sunsets like this one so it was definitely a good learning experience for me. We have so many of these and I’m always kicking myself for not having someone to capture when I see them. Not this time!!! I really had fun and I hope you all enjoy seeing some more shots from this.

Thanks for checking things out! Until next time!

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