The Old Stomping Grounds

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As you know, I’ve started on my new project for 2017 by capturing something I admire while working on techniques. One of the things I had worked on was adjusting lighting by doing it from my camera instead of manually adjusting my light over and over. I really just need to grab something to adjust the light later because I prefer that over changing camera settings continually but in case I don’t have the time and am in a crunch this was great practice. There’s pro’s and con’s, I would say I lost background compression where I would have liked it with this method. BUUUUT it works and the results are still gorgeous! Composition doesn’t change but it certainly gives a different feel.

This shoot was originally planned for downtown but we ended up going to my old stomping grounds at Texas Tech University. The memories and nostalgia that campus holds for me is astounding and was like a walk through time. Some places changed but a lot of it was just the same. It made me want to come back because I love it there so much. Once a Red Raider ALWAYS a Red Raider. It’s like “home”.

The wonderful model captured last weekend is Jill Payne, she is wonderfully talented and graceful and was with a ballet company for 10 years! She is currently a hair artist at Studio J Salon here in Lubbock, Texas and does some pretty amazing work. You can follow her on her Instagram at jillpaynehair to check out her incredible work!

We started right off campus at a cool little median I adore shooting on. While it gives a private suburbian feel it creates amazing leading lines as well as provides wonderful framing to bring more attention to your subject.

After this we loaded up and made our way onto the campus and found ourselves at the old building I use to run to to make my English class my freshman year here. What year I’m not telling, haha, other than it was over a decade ago! As Jill warmed up I started setting my light up again and setting my camera for the area. Her poise was perfection! You could see it in the way she moved and remembering those skills she loved. The campus itself has lovely Spanish architecture with beautiful high arches everywhere so it was a must to compose that into the shots where I could.

From there we went through the high archways and down some steps I knew on the other side. Beautiful winding iron rails were now the “stage” and as the light started going down I could bring in much more drama with lighting techniques.

Coming back up from the stairwell we found a cool wall “cubby”, as we both called it, and decided we HAD to make it part of this set. We also decided to take some shots on the other side inside of the courtyard area and they came out hauntingly beautiful.

Finally, we wrapped it up by going to a fun sculpture in front of the main library. I still remember when it was installed. It looks like a giant silver sphere but it’s a bell!

This shoot has to have been the most fun so far! And is proof that once something like this is part of you it becomes a piece of you and will always be there. Thank you for checking out more of my work and the amazing people I’m blessed to work with!

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