Setting the Wolf Free | Lubbock Art’s District | Lubbock, TX

I feel so honored to have been asked to do this shoot. I’ve known this woman for forever it seems and seen her story unfold like a great novel. She’s transformed and has embraced herself in such wonderful ways. I feel like this shoot completely exudes this wonderful woman! She loves wolves and for good reason – she is spitfire and flames and has a wild free heart just like them. They are part of her spirit and soul. I don’t know how many trials she has gone through these last few years and it seems like ever changing waves. I believe that certain people are put into your life so you may witness things and with her I’ve witness strength and perseverance. Each trial has made her stronger and stronger and she stands like an amazing fortress and beacon of light. She’s following her heart and being true to the person she is inside. Her faith has grown and she always has such a wonderful outlook for what the future may hold and unfold for the chapters of her life. Angel, thank you, I hope these show the world how amazingly gorgeous, free, and FIREY you are as well as remind you of that constant message that “YOU ARE ENOUGH” and made perfectly and beautifully.

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