Behind The Camera

There was once a little girl that gained the power to bring to life her imagination and freeze time. She grew up and learned how to hone that super power. It was something magical and still is. That little girl is me – I’m Linda Mann, owner and photographer here at “Mann Made Imagery” based out of Lubbock, Texas. Welcome to my corner of the internet! To start, I’m terrible at writing about myself, so get ready! Haha!

Through my career I’ve been blessed with working with so many people for various projects and occasions. Areas of photography I focus on are wedding, beautiful portraiture, and commercial work. But what does that all mean? It means if there’s an idea to put together, even a little seed, it’s going to grow into something magnificent through my planning and capture of it. It means if there’s something special to capture that my eyes will be there to make sure it’s immortalized. You see, when I’m in my element photographing and composing I’m looking for the best ways to present what is before me. For weddings and special occasions it’s about the moments, the would be memories, the details that people worked so hard on simply to use for a day to a few days because two families are being united. For portraits it’s about bringing out who you are in the best ways possible. And then, of course, with commercial work I evaluate how the shot will be used to propel your business and if you’re a model/dancer/actor and so on – how it is going to help propel your career.

Photography is more than a click of a button and it takes time, it takes learning how to compose something wonderful, and it is magic. It’s also ever changing and you have to know how to adapt to those changes in industry. And I love it! When I’m not studying this beautiful art you can find me cozy at home with my husband and kids probably immersed with Elmo songs, sipping on tea, crocheting something for someone I love, or dreaming up the next art project to bring to life!

Member, Professional Photographers of America

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