Fun at Skate Ranch | Skate Ranch | Lubbock, TX

So, as some of you know I get together with friends and colleagues and we all either do some fun collabs or we just play around and have fun to see what we can create! It can’t always be about “work”, that takes the joy out of it! Well, a couple of days ago a group of local friends and I got together at a venue that is completely nostalgic to me – The Skate Ranch here in Lubbock, TX. I remember learning to skate there as a little girl and the rink looked so big, staring at the candy in the stands and thinking they were things of gold, and even the seating where my first ever best friend and I sat to have snacks together when we went there every other week with our daycare. I loved skating so much there when I was a child that when I got older I eventually learned how to ice skate too and just love the feeling of a whole rink to myself! It’s truly a place just filled with so many good memories for me. So, if you’re looking for a great place to have your parties and get togethers definitely check out Skate Ranch here in Lubbock, TX! They’re family owned and have been around since the 60’s and all around just a great locally owned and operated place I know you’ll love with your families too!

Here are some great shots I hope you’ll love as well. I tried to take a few shots in my regular styling and then had to try some that I don’t normally get to do with everyday clients and use some techniques that I haven’t got to use in a while to bring some unique creativeness and all to these.

Here’s some shots that I did for warming up. These were really to kind of adjust my lighting to the place as well as test out and see where I could pull things in with my prism because there are so many fun lights and patterns in this place. I love shooting with tools that can really bring a unique punch in camera to a shot!

Here’s a couple where I got to shoot briefly with another attending model before she had to take off for the night!

And of course who could forget the arcades!? And because our model was wearing a Nintendo hoodie these had to happen. How can you have big name in gaming and NOT visit the arcade?

Speaking of patterns here’s one of my favorites from this set! That floor really added some extra fun to things.

For these I tried doing a really slow shutter to have things streak and basically let the ambient light trickle in to my camera as well as use the overhead black lights for a really cool effect and coloring that you’ll only get with black lights.

And of course because I was light painting with my prism, there’s a black light making everything glow up, and we had that cool floor pattern I had to attempt to create something truly psychedelic!

I hope you all enjoyed! I had so much fun and it was just great to play around a spend time with familiar faces that really make me smile! <3

    Awesome Models: Chaihann Tress and Ashley Benton
    Really Awesome Venue: Skate Ranch Lubbock, TX

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6 thoughts on “Fun at Skate Ranch | Skate Ranch | Lubbock, TX”

  1. Great idea for crazy photoshoot

  2. I have never thought that skating park can be a great place for photo session. Great idea!

  3. Annie

    What a fun session! Something unique. Love!

  4. Jake

    I actually grew up in Lubbock, skating here. I’m 17 now and living in NH. I still roller skate and look upon my memories here fondly. Thanks for letting me relive them. I really miss Skate Ranch and hope to visit it again some day soon.

    1. admin

      That’s awesome and thank you! They’re still the same lovely family owned business that they were years ago, you should stop by and say “hi” to the owners when you’re here next!

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