Alyssa & Eddie | Mack Dick Group Pavillion – Palo Duro Canyon | Canyon, TX

I am so thrilled to share this gorgeous and artful canyon wedding! The day was chilled and cloudy but the lighting was just perfect. Everyone started getting ready in Amarillo, TX just a few minutes out at a lovely AirBNB where I met up with the bride and got to see how everything was going. The details of her gown were so lovely with crystal and lace work. Alyssa’s bridal jewelry was her something old and was passed along to her by her mother. There were two sets and she chose to wear one as her mother wore the other for the big day. I think the most touching moment while Alyssa was getting ready was the song her mother wrote for her and waited for her to hear when this day finally arrived. Coming from a musical family some gifts aren’t tangible but are an extension of someone’s heart if you listen carefully and I think everyone in the room felt that that moment. It was truly so beautiful.

Soon we arrived at the venue with caterers, florists, and musicians setting up while the Eddie was doing a few finishing touches. This is just a peek at the beautiful details.

And now the big moment!!! I hope you all enjoy the rest of this teeny sneak peek.

Hope you all enjoyed a few of my favorite snippets from this day!

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8 thoughts on “Alyssa & Eddie | Mack Dick Group Pavillion – Palo Duro Canyon | Canyon, TX”

  1. These gorgeous pictures make me remember one very special day in my life! Beautiful!

    1. admin

      Thank you so much! Their happiness is so timeless, brings back moments for me too!

  2. Mary McLean

    Stunning!! What a beautiful wedding – and amazing, timeless images!

    1. admin

      Thank you so much, Mary!

  3. What a beautiful wedding and gorgeous images. you did an amazing job with the sparklers at the end.

    1. admin

      Thank you so much! Sparkler exists are my favorite!

  4. Susan

    Wow, stunning!! Beautiful pictures.

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