Rainy Day Bride – A Session with a Mentor.

Hey guys!

Hope the New Year has been great for you! It’s certainly been starting with a kick for me. It’s also given me some time to reflect over the past year. So, I was given the opportunity to start learning how to shoot something I’ve wanted for quite a while and it is hard in some markets to get your foot in the door for it. WEDDINGS. I’d always been so afraid to dive in because I thought I might drown. How wrong I was because it’s like second nature! They’re simply so beautiful and have so much thought and planning with each detail. Now, while I have done and continue to do standard portraiture it has been wonderful learning wedding. The details, the placements, the emotion of them is all encompassing and it is truly a breath of fresh air. They are tiring and hard work and I’ve come to know the infamous “wedding photographer hangover” after, which doesn’t include any kind of drinking at all. You are literally just THAT TIRED. HA!!!

Back to this gift I was given and can’t even begin to thank those that have been driving forces in this. One of those amazing forces has been a mentor, a friend, and simply a blessing in my life. Her name is Ashley Saed and is another photographer here on the South Plains. She got together with another great friend, model Megan Waits, and planned out a cool bridal to test lighting down at the lovely Hilton Garden Inn here in Lubbock, Texas. Thank you to the staff at The Hilton Garden Inn Lubbock, Texas for allowing us to be on site to do this and being so wonderfully accommodating. If you are looking for a wedding venue or even just a general event venue and want those beautiful modern and contemporary details. This place is IT. As well, we had gorgeous makeup and hair work by “Hair and Makeup by Adrianna“, she is one of the best pros here in Lubbock and I would recommend her for any kind of photo-shoot or event you have. She is well versed in how makeup differs from every day to professional photography. The gorgeous bouquet is from the talented people at Market Street 19th Street Location here in Lubbock as well and have never disappointed me. and lastly but certainly not least, as I know some of you will be *drooling* over the gorgeousness of this gown, the gown is by amazing designer Maggie Sottero and you can be fitted for your own at Bella’s Bridal here in Lubbock, TX.

Of all the days here in West Texas, if you live here, we don’t get a whole lot of rain. We might have a rainy season where it’ll pour for a bit but generally it’s dry. Well, it was murky, wet, and gray outside. It’s what I would call a “poop day” hahaha! In fact, when there’s rain coming I often have clients want to cancel because a lot of people automatically think “bad weather = terrible photos” which is so untrue!!! Anyways, I ran in to meet up with Ashley and the Hilton Garden Inn was instantly gorgeous inside! They have a beautiful pendant lighting feature as you enter the lobby – I was instantly greeted by staff and as I walked through my eyes were guided by modern and very sleek details. We get to the ballroom and it was a great space that was fully open. In addition there’s 2 fantastic meeting rooms. I could instantly kind of envision what we could do and what I would be able to do there. Here is a peek at the location and Ashley at work.

Since we were there to basically test out lighting and implement different portraiture skills and techniques specific to Bridal each area of the Hilton Garden Inn that we shot in gave us enough variety where we had to think on our toes which is conducive to wedding photography. Always thinking on your toes and being able to quickly know what to do and try. What we did was try to set up some of the worst scenarios for lighting. That’s just kind of how you learn – throwing yourself in there, evaluating what you need to do, and do it! This is what I was able to do over the weekend, I hope you all enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this gorgeous “Rainy Day Bride’.

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