Shoot & Share 2018 Contest Results

Everyone, I’m so excited to share this! Every year there’s a global contest with some of the best photographers from around the world in portraiture and especially wedding, which is its own beast. The annual contest is called “Shoot & Share” and this was my first year entering. Was it intimidating? Absolutely, I mean, it’s up against some of the most talented people in the world! How could I not be!? Did I even expect to place in anything at all? Not really… and I know that as an artist I’m my own worst critic, but it pushes me to keep striving to create something amazing and something new so my art work is always evolving and growing. After waiting for at least a month of voting and waiting through rounds and rounds of elimination I could finally take a look and see how I stood up against the very best. I was anxious because I seldom enter contests at all. And then this… This is why I’m so excited to share that not only 1 of my images made it to the Top 30%, Top 20%, and Top 10% in their categories but 7 images made it in my first year! I can’t believe that my work made it that far in one of the hugest world wide competitions! It’s simply amazing to me! My top top ones are my wedding details – I know I personally love wedding details too because people put so much time and care into them. For those to be my top placing images just makes my heart jump! Below you can take a closer peek at those winning entries!

You can check out more of the work I entered HERE.

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