Christie & Javi | Wedding | Lubbock, TX

I’m so excited to share this sneak peek with you all! As we’re coming into the last month of summer now I wanted to share where it started this year because it started with love, with family, thankfulness, and with a second chance gift from God. This is Christie and Javi, when we met they both gave me their ideas for their vision and transformation of the home they had built together. As they were telling me where things would be and showed me the layout on paper of what they were thinking the wheels in my head began to turn thinking of how I could capture their day and where I would be able to move, how much gear I should carry around with me and yet still be able to have everything I needed. There are not many times you get to plan ahead for a venue site that is essentially all a custom set up and be there in person ahead to plan so I was pretty excited for that.

Days went by and more ideas came in. Christie kept telling me they’re older so they didn’t need all of the things that younger couples do and to capture what I deemed should be captured. (I may have asked them what they would like like generational photos and all more than once.) The typical things – traditional things. Though on their wedding day a deeper story unfolded and what I had not known is that this day, the biggest of all summer weddings – June 1st a Saturday… was their love story starting a new chapter and a celebration of being gifted a SECOND chance at love.

The evening before they had all vendors out at their home for the rehearsal dinner, to see the transformation of the property, and to know who we were working with the day of. By the way, amazing food by Abuelo’s Lubbock Location and wonderful music through the night by Music to the Maxx. Before I left Javier pulled me aside and told me his bride Christie is a widow and she has an amazing group from her church and they are her tribe. I was not given a shot list for the day but the one thing above all else that he requested was that on the day of if I could make it a point to capture Christie with her tribe because they all have made such a deep impact of love and healing in her life that he wanted that specific thing to be captured because of his love for Christie. These other women are parts of her heart and he wanted that to be commemorated. With her Javier has grown closer to God so much so his own mother was surprised he was going to church! And the first thing they chose to do as a married couple was to share in communion with their loved ones. It was truly one of the most beautiful ceremonies I have had the honor to witness as loved ones walked up and down the aisles to serve each other. Even for their reception the young men serving everyone are from their own church and were raising money to help refugees from Haiti. The day was filled with music from artists like “The Beatles” and sharing in the love of God with the entirety of their hearts.

I hope you all love this sneak of the day as much as I do!

One of the most romantic first looks. Javier is proposing to Christie AGAIN and gifting her her beautiful engagement ring.

And of course what would portraits be if your best friend didn’t run out just to photo bomb you?

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